Bilpin Cider Co - New Spring range

Bilpin Cider

Bilpin Cider has increased the product range across both alcoholic and non alcoholic varieties. The addition of Bilpin Archibald High ’n' Dry in 330ml bottle and cans has extended our alcoholic range to six alcoholic varieties and three non alcoholic.

Bilpin Archibald High ‘n’ Dry 330ml bottles, 330ml cans and 30L kegs
High ‘n’ Dry is fermented to 6.8% ABV. This high ferment is achieved by fermenting the juice for 4 weeks. The extended ferment and fructose level in this blend allows us to achieve the high alcohol level while maintaining the integrity of the apple flavour. The final result is a lovely crisp cider with a distinct apple flavour upfront and a nice dry finish on the back palate.

Bilpin Non-Alcoholic Apple & Raspberry - 0% ABV, 330ml bottles
Made using freshly crushed Granny Smith, Pink Lady and Red Delicious Apples, the addition of raspberry has delivered a slight tartness that helps sedate the general sweetness of the juice.

Bilpin Non-Alcoholic Apple & Ginger - 0% ABV, 330ml bottles
Our Bilpin Granny Smiths, Pink Lady and Red Delicious apples are the base of this product. We have blended in freshly crushed ginger juice and the result is a delicious flavour of apple juice blended with the complexity of ginger – spicy, peppery, lemony and somewhat sweet, all combining for that distinctive ginger zing.