Cider Range

Bilpin Original

Bilpin Original Cider Bilpin Original Cider is pure, fresh apple cider delivering a perfectly balanced taste with a crisp apple aroma.

We have achieved this by sourcing fresh apples (Granny Smiths and Pink Ladies) from Bilpin and the surrounding region. These apples have undergone a gentle crush to ensure we retain the delicate fruit characters and aromatics.

As nature delivers subtle differences in each fruit harvest, so too does each batch of our Bilpin Original Cider.

Bilpin Original Cider contains no added sugar, artificial flavours or concentrates.

Bilpin Original Cider is available in 330ml and draught.

4.7% ALC / Vol.

Bilpin Blush Pink Lady Cider

Bilpin Blush CiderBilpin Blush Pink Lady Cider is made using only freshly crushed Pink Lady apples.

Bilpin Blush delivers a refreshing sweetness that can only be achieved by using freshly crushed fruit and no added sugar artificial flavours or concentrates.

At 3.5% ABV, our Bilpin Blush is slightly lower in alcohol than most other ciders. This level of alcohol ensures a naturally sweeter tasting cider without adding sugar or concentrates. It is sweet by nature.

Bilpin Original Cider is available in 330ml bottles.

3.5% ALC / Vol.

Bilpin Archibald

Bilpin ArchibaldThe latest addition to the Bilpin Cider Co portfolio, Bilpin Archibald is a traditional cloudy apple cider. The product is our tribute to Archibald Bell, the forefather and founder of Bilpin in 1823. It has been created by using a blend of freshly crushed apples, including Granny Smiths sourced locally from the NSW central tablelands region, Following a gentle crush, this juice is then fermented for 28 days. The resulting cloudy apple cider delivers a delightful apple flavour with a crisp finish.

We recommend gently rolling the bottle prior to opening to ensure the best results.

Pear Cider

Bilpin Pear CiderBilpin Pear Cider is made by using only freshly crushed Packham Pears - no added sugar or concentrates are used in the process. The result is a Pear Cider characterised by the natural fruit used in the production process – ripened and freshly crushed Packham pears.

Bilpin Pear Cider is refreshing and sprightly with a clean natural finish, fresh pear bouquet and soft blush appearance.

Bilpin Pear Cider is available in 330ml and draught.

4.5% ALC / Vol.

Bilpin Non Alcoholic Cider

Bilpin Non Alcoholic Cider Bilpin Non Alcoholic Cider is made using only freshly crushed apples - Granny Smiths, Pink Lady and Red Delicious apples. This is the juice of Bilpin Original prior to ferment.

There is no added sugar and it is gluten free. Retaining all of the sweetness of the crushed fruit, this product delivers a taste that will not dissapoint.