Bilpin Cider Company

Bilpin Cider Company is based in Bilpin, a small town on the historic Bells Line of Road, in the Blue Mountains, 93 km west of Sydney.

Bilpin was discovered in 1823 by nineteen year old Archibald Bell as a secondary pass through the Blue Mountains. The area’s fertile soil, mountain elevation and agreeable climate very quickly attracted settlers. These geographical, metrological and agricultural factors all combine to create the perfect fruit-growing environment. Bilpin was soon established as the premium fruit orchard of Australia.

Australians have been enjoying Bilpin apples and Bilpin apple juice since the early part of the last Century and now Bilpin Cider Company is making one of the best apple ciders in Australia.

Bilpin Cider Co was formed by Sean Prendergast in 2011. Sean has worked for 20 years in the food and beverage industry where he held senior sales and marketing roles with Heinz, Foster’s and AB-Inbev. He is also the Managing Director of Thirsty Thursday Beverages.

Sean, his wife Skye and their daughter Sofia live on their farm in Bilpin.